Hi, I am Tara Gulledge

Photography is my greatest passion! The thing I love most about it photography is connecting with other creative people and capturing their spirit through an image. I believe that EVERYONE has creativity and passion inside of themselves. It is my joy to capture the essence of someone's true self and to show them how beautiful they truly are.

I have been a professional actor since 2011 with many years of Meisner based training with Burgess Jenkins of Actors Group in Winston-Salem, NC and have studied and continue to work closely with the incredible Sara Mornell in Atlanta, GA. I believe my skills as an actor not only make it so I can get more honest emotions out of clients, but I also know what casting directors are looking for when it comes to actor headshots.

The beauty of art is there is no top, no peak of skill and talent. I will forever be learning, creating, striving...and meeting amazing humans along the way.